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"Eric quickly determined my specific needs to overcome a lower back problem resulting in sciatica. His hands-on therapy as well as his at-home exercise/stretching assignments led to the elimination of sciatica, greatly reduced back and hip flexor pain leading to peaceful sleep and the resumption of my distance walking program. I am very pleased and will continue his at-home assignments to maintain my considerably improved health."
Sep 08, 2020
" Judy was my fourth physical therapist. I quit on all three of the previous ones I saw because I felt like they weren’t listening to me. Judy was the first physical therapist that I felt listened and created an individualized therapy session for my particular needs. I owe so much of my recovery to her. And, her staff is wonderful! "
Mar 15, 2018
"If you are looking for a friendly, professional, caring and personalised physiotherapy practice to take care of your pain & mobility needs? Look no further. Action Therapy is excellent. With Judy Thorpe's healing hands & adaptive exercise routines, you'll be on your way back to a mobile, productive life in no time. Judy helped me immensely in my recovery from an ankle injury. She has been with me every step of the way. Her professionalism, care, physical & emotional support has seen me through some severe set backs. I would highly recommend Action Therapt Inc. It's N°1 ."
Dec 18, 2017
"Judy Thorpe has been my therapist for a year. Without her expertise and exceptional dedication I would not have made the progress I have. 13 months ago I was severely injured. My right wrist was crushed, the bones in my forearm were feactured in 5 places, and my entire hand was numb from compression of the nerves. I came to Judy upon the recommendation of my Surgeon, best friend and neighbor who had come to Judy after knee surgery. From experience we know Judy is an exceptional individual with superior skills in therapy. I recommend Judy Thorpe of Abilities Physical Therapy to anyone with the need for healing therapy. We call her a miracle worker frequently."
Dec 15, 2017


“My deepest appreciation to your staff for their kindness, professionalism, and care that they provided me.”

“Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve had the need for physical therapy on two separate occasions ranging from a broken ankle and knee surgery. Fortunately, I was introduced to Action Therapy Inc. a couple of years ago and never had to look for another physical therapist. I got results – the ability to use all of my broken parts with ease and NO PAIN!”

“I first went to Action Therapy Inc. 2wks after surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon, and had no movement in my ankle what so ever. After 6-8 wks, I was able to walk pretty much normal…..Action Therapy Inc. staff was fun to work with, very professional and tried to make recovery as painless as possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing PT……and already have”.

I was very impressed with the professional way Action Therapy Inc. worked with me. More importantly, to me at least was that they helped me heal and get on with my life.

Truthfully a visit to the Action Therapy Inc.’s office is a great experience. The personnel there are patient, efficient and can be described in one word… GREAT!!!

The staff at Action Therapy Inc. was fantastic. Not only is my shoulder painfree and functioning perfectly, I had fun and will always remember my time there.

“My mysterious neck problem plagued me for over 6 months before I them at Action Therapy Inc.. They helped me learn what healthy posture was and how to evaluate my workplace and environment for better body mechanics. I feel like a new person! I was actually starting to get depressed because physical pain while working is very distracting and it seemed nothing I did on my own (exercising, stretching, massage, etc.) was helping. I also found the therapy environment to be very relaxing and their knowledge and evaluation very extensive.” Thanks again for all your help!

I have been a patient at Action Therapy Inc. on various occasions, most recently, following a broken arm. The staff is outstanding in their dedication and treatment. They are concerned for their patients while encouraging them to meet their maximum potential. As a result, I have seen significant improvement. Thanks to you and your staff.