Work Hardening

Our focus and goal at the Industrial Rehabilitation Program is to assist our workers achieve their job specifics and the physical demands of their job so they may return to work. A work hardening program simulates the job specifics of their work environment and assisting them to re-introduce the job specifics of their capabilities. A work hardening program typically begins with an initial assessment, Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to gather base-line data about an individual’s physical and endurance abilities.

The physical abilities are then compared to the required physical demands of the job to determine program goals and estimated duration of the program. Based on the FCE recommendation and assessment, will determine entry to program care. A report is completed after the initial assessment outlining findings of the evaluation and goals of the program. Once program care has begun weekly assessment progress reports will be provided to the referral source and payer. The worker may start off attending daily for 4 hours and progressing to 7 hours per day, 5 days a week; a work hardening program typically last 4 to 8 weeks depending on the needs of the worker.

Each week the worker will see an increase with their program activities and understands and agrees that the ultimate goal is reaching their program goals and becoming a step closer to returning to work. The worker goes through a series of work simulation tasks, conditioning exercises, and cardiovascular exercises designed to improve work specific tolerances. Each worker has an individualized treatment plan and tailored to the worker.

At the Industrial Rehabilitation Program we understand that there are several psychosocial factors involved in transitioning back into the work environment. So that our work hardening workers are prepared for all aspects of their return to work both physically and mentally a licensed Psychologist assists with any stress factors.

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