Industrial Rehabilitation Programs

Welcome to the Industrial Rehabilitation Program, where we specialize in rehabilitating injured workers; each day workers take closer steps towards the ultimate goal of returning to work. Our exclusive commitment is to our workers and in so we have perfected the process in assisting them in returning to work it’s what we do and all we do at the Industrial Rehabilitation Program.

A work-related injury can be difficult on the worker and the employer and at the Industrial Rehabilitation Program we understand and treat all aspects of workers' compensation cases, the physical and the psychosocial. Our injured workers are comfortable knowing they are receiving job specific therapy and advice from professionals who treat similar cases and injuries.

We understand that no two cases are exactly alike so each of our injured workers is treated with special care and attention to assist them towards recovery. Our process includes a sequence of steps which include therapies such as Work Conditioning or Work Hardening. Our focus is the one-on-one attention and professional care you receive and with the combine therapy, psychosocial and skill to lead our workers towards health and work.

Employers, referral sources, and payers also know we have dedicated our services towards excellence by achieving a 3 year accreditation from CARF (The Commission on Accreditation Rehabilitation Facilities). Our dedication is helping our injured workers return to work as soon as possible and demonstrating additional assistance and education they can take towards their job to prevent injury.

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