Workers’ Comp/Rehab

At Action Therapy Inc. we always have function in mind. When working with injured workers we keep the goals in mind be it to return to gainful employment or to the best function an injured worker can achieve following their injury. As part of our Industrial rehabilitation program we offer Functional capacity evaluations. Our goal is to return our patients to a normal lifestyle despite their injury.

As part of our Industrial Rehabilitation Program we emphasize training the injured worker to prevent future injuries. The use of proper biomechanics and regular exercises (provided through a home exercise program) is highly emphasized.

Work Hardening is a specialized treatment program designed to address physical, functional, and behavioral needs to assist injured workers in making the transition from passive to active healing, and then return to a normal work situation. Our Work Hardening program is designed to replicate the resistance levels and frequency of the tasks required of your job, often using the same materials handled at your place of employment. Work Conditioning can be used as a precursor to work hardening, return to work, or to improve flexibility, endurance, and strength following an injury. Our Physical Therapists are well trained in ergonomics and other injury prevention services from industrial health professionals dedicated to reducing the rate and consequences of on-the-job injuries. Our program offers individualized programs under the supervision of physical therapists.

Each client’s program is goal oriented, and designed to address physical limitations and deficits in relation to a client’s specific job demands.