Work Conditioning

During the course of recovery and diminished levels of activity, your body becomes weakened. Activities to which you were accustomed before your injury may now be difficult to perform. Working for an entire day may seem difficult, if not impossible. You may still be experiencing some pain and are not sure what activities you can safely perform. You may either be unable to return to your former employment or be required to return to a level of activity that is less strenuous than that of our previous employment requirements.

A work conditioning program varies from a work hardening program in that our participants are beyond the initial acute stage of modalities and strengthening. A work conditioning program is an intensive conditioning and strengthening program with the emphasis on the physical capabilities that are required for work.

Daily program typically are 4-7 hours in length over a 4 week period depending on the functional levels needed before full return to work. Some of the demographics treated at our center for the 2006 year were a total of 26 participants: 14 Work Hardening and 12 Work Conditioning.

The average length of stay was 22 visits, with the average age of participant being 44.3. The most affected body region seen was the shoulder. Part of being a successful center with the main focus being returning injured workers’ back to work safely, has been formulating outcomes. Upon discharge 81% of participants returned to work, 97% were satisfied with the office staff, 98% with the Industrial Rehabilitation staff, 95% satisfied with Therapeutic treatment, 98% satisfied with the clinic area and 97% satisfied with our Behavioral Component category.

These outcomes serve as a baseline to our team in determining our success. Our main focus is returning injured workers to a healthy and employable condition whereby they may successfully rejoin the workforce in the community.

Here are some of our participants' comments upon completion of program(s):

"Very attentive to my situation." ~ M. Duque

"The program helped me meet my goals." ~ R. Lopez

"I don.t think I would have been able to return
to work this early if it wasn't for the program."
~ J.Lopez

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